See the Results of our Annual Health Professional SurveyIn April, we surveyed out database of medical professionals, asking them a range of questions regarding their work, life and finances. Here’s what 675 medical professionals had to say:

Having just run our largest ever survey, we have some very interesting results to share. We asked 675 medical professionals, ‘What matters most to you and your recruitment challenges’, as well as  their views on our potential new service enhancements.

Below are the key findings:

  • There were mixed views on whether, ‘Recruitment companies should only charge a fee upon completion of the candidates probation period?’. Whilst there was an opinion that this shows greater integrity from the recruiter, there was a consensus that once the appointment has been made, the responsibility should be placed upon the shoulders of the employer and employee.
  • A number of comments were made around the need for recruiters to spend more time ‘getting under the skin’ of their clients to improve ‘candidate fit’. Also, that recruiters should not only focus on experience fit but to ‘better understand business leadership behaviours’.
  • There were also positive views on our focus on assisting with tax and finances in Australia. Our clients were extremely happy with our services assisting with introducing them to the Australian tax system.
  • 81% were in favour of receiving regular market intelligence regarding salary surveys, industry insights etc.
  • 70% were in favour of seeing recruitment companies extending the 3 month free of charge replacement service to 6 months.
  • 56% were in favour of exploring the use of video interviewing.
  • 35% were in favour of a mutually agreed post placement candidate care scheme.

Here’s what our latest candidate has to say about their journey with us:

“Excellent service, better than the rest by far! More a family values atmosphere but with excellent business knowledge. Could not ask for more. They did everything he could to help, always on the other end of the phone. Communications were excellent all the way from day one. I would without hesitation recommend using them and would like to thank you for the hard work in finding the ideal position for me.”

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