Pursuing a medical assistant internship or externship can be a tough choice to make when you consider all of your other responsibilities. But deciding to go ahead with one may be the determining factor to help you get that job you really want after graduation. Internships are becoming increasingly more important to employers. When they can see that you’ve been able to gain the type of knowledge and experience that comes with devoting your time to taking on that commitment, it makes you a far more desirable candidate for a full-time position. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, as a medical assistant internship can provide you with many benefits.

1. Hands-on Experience

Class time is all about theory and discussion. But when you take on the role of a medical assistant in a real world environment, you are able to put that theory into practice. You can only get that kind of experience by doing and an internship or externship will provide you with that opportunity. Interacting with real patients, performing procedures and techniques that were only simulated in a classroom setting, and applying learned skills to solving actual problems are all going to serve you well later on. You will be learning under a supervisor who can correct you if you do something wrong and offer guidance if you are apprehensive or unsure in carrying out certain duties.

2. Test Your Skills

When you work in an internship you can begin to gather the knowledge you may not get in the classroom and you can hone your skills through practice and repetition. This will also allow you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, giving you the opportunity to test yourself and figure out what you need to work on further. You may surprise even yourself at how adept you are at taking charge in any situation while demonstrating your talents to people who could be future employers, or at the very least, may recommend you to others. The more skilled you become, the more you can make in this industry, here you can see the current medical assistant salary data:

3. Work in Various Environments

A professional medical assistant may be exposed to a variety of workplace situations. Small medical centers to large hospitals and everything in between are all in need of medical assistance and you may find yourself working in many of these types of facilities throughout your career. But with an internship or externship you can get started early on experiencing what many workplaces are like, giving you the training and practice to handle any type of situation and see which type of job you prefer.

4. Acting Professional

No matter what your job title may be, you have to act like a professional in your chosen work setting. That goes beyond knowing how to take blood and perform injections, this is about the basics. It means showing up on time, interacting with colleagues, being accountable, and displaying a strong work ethic. Medical assistants are expected to be professional at all times and an internship will give you the tools to learn the fundamentals of how to behave in a work environment.

5. Networking

Gaining knowledge is important, but gaining personal references is critical to scoring that job once you graduate. An internship or externship can help you network with individuals in your chosen field and make connections with professionals who have a lead on openings in facilities and offices that are seeking new hires as you embark on your medical assisting career.

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