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Health Staff Australia is a leading medical jobs service with an ever-growing database of permanent, locum and part-time roles covering a variety of different medical vocations.

We’ll help connect you with your perfect job, from hospital jobs at all levels and specialties, through to general practitioner jobs, general nursing jobs and specialist nursing jobs across all disciplines. We also recruit for allied healthcare jobs, including radiotherapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, physiotherapy jobs and age care jobs.

If you’re currently searching for medical jobs, our expert recruitment service can help medical professionals and new candidates alike find suitable roles in both the public and private healthcare systems.

Our medical job listings cover a wide range of different medical vocations, including roles for doctors, nurses, dentists, allied healthcare professionals, social care workers and support staff.

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Using our secure, user-friendly medical job search tools, we’ll help you find a medical job tailored towards your specific requirements. We can match you to any relevant vacancies in whichever medical sector you are interested in.

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How to Get a Medical Job in Australia

If you have been successfully assessed, you are going to be able to apply to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency in the relevant state or territory in which you want to operate. That is, however, only if you already have a job offer. In case you don’t.. Read on

Everyone Makes Mistakes – Even Hospitals

Everyone has heard the clichés: “We’re all human.” “Everyone makes mistakes.” “Nobody’s perfect.” Those answers are just fine when they come from a waiter explaining an overcooked filet or a child offering a reason behind a less-than-perfect spelling test. But when it’s your doctor?.. Read on.

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